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- 1 - What is the purpose LINFOSPECTACLE ?

LINFOSPECTACLE is a communication tool that is aimed to facilitate the promotion of live performances , region by region . All the producers, artists and organizers, can get access to a customisable Web site. But also :
The network includes specialized Web portals, on which publications are classified according to the region and the artistic genre of the events.
Therefore, LINFOSPECTACLE the network is a unique one allowing to convey the information in real time and to every type of audience.

- 2 - Are the services proposed really free ?

All the services are free and are meant to remain free.

- 3 - My registration has been validated but I do not appear in the directory, why ?

If your account has indeed been created, it is now necessary to validate your index card by reaching the secure space of the network members.

- 4 - When will my event appear in the column : "Spotlight" ?

The event which occurs at the current date or at the earliest date from the current date appears automatically in the column "Spotlight" of the regional Web site which represents the musical or artistic type of the event.

- 5 - How do my index cards or my events appears on the homepage ?

There is an automatic rotation on the homepage, knowing that index cards with a picture and with a real description are favored.

- 6 - Are my address, phone number and e-mail really protected ?

Yes, they are. We have a firm commitment to not reveal the private informations registered on your profile.

- 7 - If I want to unsubscribe, will my account be really canceled ?
If you ask, your profile and the associated informations will be definitively deleted from our register.

- 8 - And if I have another question ?

Please ask it to our who will answer with pleasure.