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The PHILRO JAZZ PROJECT association aims to promote any form of musical exploration. Another objective is to widen the scenic space dedicated to the improvised musics and to Jazz in particular.

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On the initiative of a collective of artists, the PHILRO PROJECT association is born in April, 2007. Back then, its purpose was to support and to favor the distribution of the original compositions of a band.
Renamed PHILRO JAZZ PROJECT in 2010, its mission today is to promote any form of musical exploration. It also has for objective to widen the scenic space dedicated to improvised musics and to Jazz in particular. The association acts at the level of production or organization of events linked with Jazz music, but also supports artistic projects which favor the creation and the emergence of young talents.

The committee

Agnès Simon (copresidente)
Romain Leclaire (copresident)

Statutes (extract)

- Article 1 : Constitution and name

The members of the association have created a non governmental organization, governed by the 1901 law, and having for title "PHILRO JAZZ PROJECT"

- Article 2 : Purposes

This association aims "to support and favor the distribution of the original works of a collective of artists and to promote any form of musical exploration. it also have the mission to widen the scenic space dedicated to the improvised musics and to Jazz music in particular"

- Article 3 : Head office

The head office is based in France in Saint-Lys (departement 31).
It can be transferred by simple decision of the board of directors. The general assembly will be informed about it.

- Article 4 : Duration of the association

The duration of the association is unlimited.

- Article 5: Admission

To be a member of the association, it is necessary to subscribe to the present statutes, to be approved by the administration council, and formulate a request of membership in writing, by e-mail, or via Internet with a procedure proposed by the Web site. The payment of a contribution is not compulsory. The minors can adhere to the association subject by a tacit agreement or by a written authorization of their parents or legal guardians. They are full members of the association. The committee can refuse memberships. The association refrains itself from any discrimination and make sure that this principle is respected, and guarantees the freedom of conscience for each of its members.

- Article 6 : Composition of the association

The association is composed of members, and among them :
The USER members who benefit from services offered by the association. The ADHERENT members who pay annually a contribution, which amount is fixed by the committee. The ACTIVE members who participate regularly in the activities of the association and are approved by the committee. The BENEFACTOR members who give donations to the association. Only the ACTIVE members participate in general assemblies.