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Tuesday 23 August 2022 - 14:30

Faut qu'ça swingue !

Festival Parfum de Jazz

Concert (Young public) in Rhône-Alpes (FR)

Annecy(74 Haute-Savoie) Bourg-en-Bresse(01 Ain) Chambéry(73 Savoie) Grenoble(38 Isère) Lyon(69 Rhône) Privas(07 Ardèche) Saint-Étienne(42 Loire) Valence(26 Drôme)

26170 Buis-les-Baronnies

Contact : Email
Web site
Tél : 07 68 68 41 29
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Auteur : Philippe Rochet
Durée du spectacle : 50mn
Âge : A partir de 4 ans

Philippe Rochet, entouré de ses musiciens, nous
convie à un récital de chansons jazzy dont il
est l’auteur.
Les textes parlent souvent de l’enfance, de
choses à la fois intimes et universelles, sur le
ton de l’humour et de la légèreté.
La musique reste toujours très présente et
l’improvisation est à l’honneur.
Un dialogue s’établit entre Philippe et son
public, et en fin de spectacle, les enfants
participent à l’éclosion du « Swing ».

Equipe Toulousaine :
Philippe Rochet : Guitare/Chant
Rodolphe Tissinier : Trombone
Nicolas Blancot : Clavier
BOOST (Out of Spain)

Austin O'BRIEN

Region : Haute-Normandie towards Rouen (FR)
Style : Swing
(More Space)

booking : Austin O'BRIEN
Telephone : 0650441877
Web site

Truly Madly Deeply ENSEMBLE

For the intention of event manager & booking
For those who know the artist and showman, Austin
O'Brien goes on stage with the obsession to win
over the public. And with the rage of a boxer, he
deploys all his energy to knock the public off
their feet. The musicians that surrounds the
petulant Irish jazz man are of the highest
standtard and he leads them with style and

Ausitn follows the tradition of swing jazz and is
influenced by Harry Connick Jr, Frank Sinatra,
Tony Bennett, and pianists Monty Alexander, Oscar
Peterson and Omar Sosa, strong personalities and
major players, according to Austin, they all have
a great sense of music and showmanship.

Over the last 10 years Austin produced 4 albums
and a “Live DVD”. The result of his effort
lead Austin to play regularly in jazz clubs and
festivals nationally and internationally.
There is no shortage of ambition with his various
formations: trio, quartet, quintet.
But above all Austin is a jazzman showman and a
real entertainer, a man driven by the desire to
succed and his vital energy "the spirit of the
fighting irish" that always surprises his public.
This mixed with his natural comic talent give a
perfect cocktail for a magical show.
We are programmig and taking bookings for Austin
O’BRIEN for 2013. Austin can be in your part of
the world with his musicians and also playing with
the best of the local talents.
Find here is website: www.
On the site you will find video footage of his DVD
and 4 podcasts of his new album.
The contact mail is on the site. Address the mail
to Austin O’BRIEN / IDMusicProd for to know the
conditions and the possibility for a taylor made
event package.



musical show
Region : Midi-Pyrénées towards Toulouse (FR)
Style : Young public
(More Space)

Contact : Email
Telephone : 06 24 43 04 56
Web site

Auteur : Philippe Rochet
Producteur : PHILRO JAZZ PROJECT Association
Durée du spectacle : 30 mn
Âge : De 0 à 6 ans

Dans la continuité des deux premières éditions
de "BABY JAZZ", ce spectacle est destiné à
sensibiliser les plus petits au Jazz.
Des instruments insolites, une mise en scène
humoristique et des ritournelles pleines de swing
provoquent des réactions qui oscillent entre
émerveillement et fous rires.

Philippe Rochet :
Rodolphe Tissinier :
Anaïs Lairon-Reynier ou Malika Gessinn :
E-mail or Pseudonym :
Password :
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